Listed below are some of the websites and a flash project that I have worked on over the course of my career. The screenshots show what the projects looked like at the time that I worked on them, so do not reflect the site redesigns that have occurred after I moved on to other projects.

I am currently employed as a Product Manager for UX projects at Rakuten Travel in Japan. Rakuten Travel is a leading online travel agency in Japan. We also have an English site for visitors coming to Japan. At Rakuten Travel, I specialize in SEO and Smartphone UI projects. This is my first job to focus on conceptualizing and managing products overall, instead of programing.

My most recent previous job was at SoftLayer technologies, the world's largest privately held server company based in Dallas Texas. At SoftLayer, I was the Lead Web developer for the corporate website. The projects that I have worked on include developing e-commerce order forms for our various products, designing HTML templates and CSS libraries for new websites and landing pages (like this one), and designing and developing dynamic HTML and JavaScript utility functions using our in-house PHP web application framework. For a sample, click on "Dedicated Servers" in the "Learn More About" section of the SoftLayer Homepage, right above the list of links at the bottom of the page. I have also worked on an interactive applet that graphicly describes our world class international network. Additionaly I work with web analytics by implementing javascript tags for Google Analytics and Adobe SiteCatalyst. I also work on optimizing our website using various industry standard techniques that I learned by attending the Velocity Converences for the last few years. I have also been known to write corporate blogs about various topics.

At ABIS Technologies (now eNet Solutions), I worked as a Web Application tester, system administrator, and developer. There, I wrote regression and new feature test cases, developed and ran automated tests using Visual Basic Script, developed plugins for and ran load tests on JMeter, and performed release validation testing and white box testing. I also developed application features and diagnostic pages using Java/JSP under Eclipse. I was also involved in Windows and Linux system administration and maintenance. The screen shot to the left shows the Review mode of the web application I worked on named ActiveAssets. ActiveAssets is not open to the general Internet, but you can see a Flash demo (Japanese only) online.

At the San Francisco Unified School District, I had the pleasure to participate in an education technology integration federal grant project for the Rosa Parks JBBP. This project created a Japanese learning program in Flash. On this project, I was the designer and developer of the learning program, as well as a Japanese-English bilingual computer teacher. The program we created is only available in classrooms at Rosa Parks Elementary school, so I cannot demonstrate the flash program, but please feel free to read about it on the SFUSD Website.

At Netcentives Inc.(no longer in business), I cut my teeth on web application development. Before I left, I was a senior level engineer developing JSP pages and SQL scripts for the web application core development team. The product we developed was called ClickRewards.

At Onlinefocus (no longer in business) while working on the Cooper Lighting web site as project lead, I gained major experience creating HTML layouts, creating HTML dynamic templates for perl scripts, and leading a small team of HTML developers. The image to the left is what the homepage looked like when I was working on it back in 1996.

FedEx was the first commercial web site I worked on in my early professional days (also at OnlineFocus). On the FedEx website, I was a senior HTML developer, and learned how to work on a large scale site with hundreds of pages and even more included elements.