About this site

This is the personal/portfolio site for Brad J. Lucido.

I am a bilingual English/Japanese Web Development Product Manager Living in Tokyo Japan. Thanks for visiting my Web Site.

I have been involved with website/multimedia design, development, and testing for over 15 years. Please visit the portfolio page to see samples of what I have worked on.

I am in the process of re-doing my blog and photo sections. Please check back later to see more updated content.

About the construction of this site.

This site is developed on an Apple Macintosh using BBEdit and Sublime Text 2, Apache, and PHP.

I prefer the total control that I can achieve by using hand coding, instead of a designer's tool like Adobe Dreamweaver. Besides that, this is how I learned to make websites way back when I stared, and I decided to stick with it. I am also a programmer, so hand coding suits me well all the way around.

About the name "TransparentForest"

I registered this domain name on a whim several years ago. I just thought up the name out of the blue while I was doing some creative brainstorming with a friend after a session of zen meditation.

At the time, I thought the name sounded so cool, that I rushed ahead and registered the domain before somebody else did. Years later, I made this site that you are looking at to be my personal online home. Since I am a web professional, I want to have my own hand-made site, outside of Facebook etc.

Strangely enough, it never occurred to me to do a web search on the name "TransparentForest" until I started working on this site. When I finally did the web search, I was surprised to find out that "Transparent Forest" is the name of a painting done by the Russian painter Mikhail Larionov (I can't find an image for this on the web anymore. If you find one, please contact me). Transparent Forest is also the name of a color, and it is also used in the title of a rare book of poems. It seems that all of the usages of "TransparentForest" have something to do with art and creativity, and that fits the intend spirit of the site!